Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Tumble

Yesterday was a pretty boring mundane day at work. Except for one small accident. I had a load of clean soil in the truck that had to be dumped, so as i do, I drove to the dump at Lonsdale to get rid of the soil. The load had a bit of grass and other rubbish in it which they frown upon so I had to try and hide it when I dumped. When you tip the dirt out of the truck you tip over the edge of a huge dirt pile that is about 10 meters high. I backed right up to the edge so everything would fall down the embankment and no one would see the grass. I had to swing the tailgate of the truck so it would all come out. That was where the trouble began. It was incredibly windy and so I had to really push the tailgate to get it to open. With one great push it opened up, and I lost my footing. I slid and tumbled the whole way down the embankment. The soil was all lose and I couldn't stop myself. I landed in a heap at the bottom and looked up to see and mini avalanche of dirt coming down on top of me. I think about a half a tonne of dirt landed on me and most went in my boots and pockets. I got up, dusted myself off and tried to climb back up the pile... I couldn't. I ended up walking the whole way round the dump to try and get back to my truck which was sitting, running, with the door open. I was very unhappy and also quite filthy. Just another day I guess.

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