Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Friday Night

The night started off with me pretty much canceling my plans cause I couldn't be bothered going into the city but then resuming my plans and headed in anyway.
I headed in and met up with Calvin and Layno at Calvins place before we headed in to Light Square Live to see Elyse's band "You Are" play. I'm actually getting in to those guys and they played a pretty good gig so that was cool. After the gig we all went to the casino and I lost some money. Everytime I play roulette I double my money then slowly lose it. Someone should tell me to stop. We left the casino and I convinced everyone that we needed to go to my favourite pizza place, "Pizza Revolution" to get pizza, and it was goood. After the pizza I headed into the London Tavern to see Domi at work. She told me I smelt like pizza, and I was happy.
I woke up this morning at 1:30 because I'm a lazy man and now I'm watching the footy and hoping that Melbourne beat Port.
Bye now


Lano said...

Damn Melbourne, you got your wish, you bastard. haha.

Oh my god that pizza revolution was fantastic, I feel like more right about now...

Spud said...

yea i know and bloody sydney won as well. im so keen for pizza