Monday, July 03, 2006

My, wow my head hurts day.

So yesterday I woke up and did, well, nothing. I watched the crows kill geelong in the footy and I watched the V8's where Skaife did well till bloody Lowndes won in his ford.
We went out last night to the grand to celebrate Tilney's birthday and it was an awesome night. It started off with Domi, Layno and I heading down to Mamma Carmellas for pizza. I had Meat lovers and it was good. After we ate we headed up to a room Tilney had rented and then headed down to the front bar for drinks. There were a few people there that I hadn't seen for a while so it was good to catch up. We had drinks and went from the front bar to the cocktail bar to the Dublin pub and back a few times so it was a very random night but it was fun. I was fucked by the time we left at 3 in the morning and headed back to hoggots house to watch some TV and have a few more drinks. I got a lift home with Soph and finally got into bed at 5 or 6ish??? lol, but once again I had a good night.
I woke up this afternoon and I felt absolutely terrible. I still feel terrible so that sucks but I guess after drinking about $100 worth of cheap crappy drinks it would be weird if I felt good. I have been awake for 4 hours now and I still feel pretty average so I'm going to watch some TV then crash so I can get up early tomorrow and run all those errands I have been putting off for a few weeks.
have fun, bye now

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