Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Laze

So last night after work I caught up with the girl and we chilled out and then she stayed at mine. Now surprise surprise I'm really tired today. I didn't work today so it was good to just have a day to do nothing. The girl had to go visit her mum and then we went to Marion to grab some donuts. I ate 3 and now I still feel a bit ill. All in all today was a pretty boring day for blogging but I did add a site meter thing to this page that tells me where people are coming from. I think it is pretty cool. Well that's pretty much it for today. Boring I know but hey that's life baby baby.
Bye now.

Also I forgot about this song for a long time but I just started listening to it again and I recommend everyone give it a quick listening too because although it is pretty unreleased I think its one of System's best songs. So check it out.
System Of A Down - Metro.


Zebigleb said...

Very interresting (even for the rainbow warrior and the world cup !)
I'll come back

Have a nice day !

paul said...

hello from sunny wales visit me @www.newportcounty.piczo.com bye

Choals said...

A visitor from Macedonia? That's awesome.

You're right, "Metro" is rad. I just finished listening to "The Living End - Monday", which I think is one of their best.

Spud said...

yea im really surprised to see all these visitors from around the world.
I agree i think monday is one of their best.

Anonymous said...

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