Friday, July 28, 2006

My Change Of Heart

So today for breakfast, at work, I decided I felt like subway. I walked into the store and it seemed like the best idea I have ever had to order a chicken and bacon ranch sub. We drove back to the site and I immediately realised I did not feel like eating my sub. I ate most of it but couldn't down it all so I learnt my lesson. Subway before 9am is a bad idea.

So today was a pretty standard day. Woke up nice and early at 6am to get to work by 6:30 for a concrete pour at 7. I wasn't excited about being up early after only have a few measly hours sleep. Enter subway incident! We poured in 24 cubic meters of concrete which is about 55 tonnes so it was a decent size pour. The whether looked threatening but we didn't get any substantial rain so that was good.

Tonight I'm going to the first house party I have been to in months and it should be good. There will be a band so that is always awesome. Its about 4 blocks from my house and I'm contemplating getting a lift with someone cause I'm lazy. Hey our whole society is lazy so why cant I be. I will probably end up walking home in the rain drunk as shit so it should end up being a good night.
Bye now.

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