Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Big Brother Rant.

Well today while cruising around all I heard about was all the controversy going on with Big Brother. Now if you haven't heard, on the Australian Big Brother series on the weekend two of the housemates were evicted and taken into police custody after an incident which involved one of them holding a girl down and another pushing his crotch in her face. Now when I first heard about the incident I thought that the measures were appropriate because that is, technically, sexual assault and in my mind that is cause for eviction and criminal charges, but now I'm not so sure. I have seen the footage and heard the statements made by the two men and the women involved and it all sounds like a practical joke that was blown out of proportion by the shows producers and the public. The girl involved, Camilla, who is a very loud and confident person has said on many occasions that she took it as a joke and when she said the guys were getting out of hand they both stopped and then all joked about it. Some members of the Australian public on the other hand seem to have formed a vendetta against Big Brother and have seemingly very closed minds when it comes to anything controversial.

Now I don't watch Big Brother religiously like many people in this dumb brown land but I do think it is interesting and it does make good TV. A few weeks ago after much public outrage over quite tame content the Big Brother Adults Only special was cancelled and it seems the same people have jumped on the band wagon again. The Prime Minister came out and said the show should be cancelled. Now I'm sorry but I don't think the PM needs to push that hard for votes that he needs speak out about a TV show. Its not that big a threat to the Australian public that we need to have a referendum to see if we should cancel it. Honestly if people didn't like it that much then it wouldn't be getting such large audiences. If you don't like it watch something else.
Well that's my say. Bye Now

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