Monday, July 31, 2006

My Big Brother Final

Ok so tonight is the Big Brother Final night and I'm sorry but I don't give a shit. Its odd, I have watched this season a fair bit but I really couldn't give a crap who wins, lol. But good on me.

So once again the weekend was pretty full on for me not really doing much. I woke up Saturday with a bad hang over for not really drinking that much the night before. We chilled out at the Rogers house and listened to music, drank and BBQ'd. It was good because there were a fair few dood's who I hadn't seen for a while. The Roger's boys, Nath, Dan and Lachy play in the band The Lost Show with my mate and ex lead guitarist of my ex band, Steve. The party was weird because one of my ex girlfriends was there and honestly we haven't spoken since we broke up about two years ago. It was a weird relationship and it didn't go very well and then it ended pretty badly. Its weird because soon after we broke up she found someone who she has been with ever since. That makes me happy because I have found someone now that makes me incredibly happy and I want that for all my friends and ex's.

After I had finally managed to stand up at around 1:30pm I had a quick shower and headed on over to the girl's house to hang out with her for a while before work. That is one thing that is strange about our relationship, sometimes I spend my entire weekends by myself. Its normally a time where couples go out and do different things but because the girl works as a manager at a bar she has to work every Friday and Saturday nights. Its hard but we make it work.

Saturday night started slow. The girl left for work and I headed off to see hoggot at his families liquor store. His sister and him were the only two people working so I hung out there in the warehouse for a while to keep them company. When the store closed I ran down and got some Mexican food from Montezumas and we all met up at hoggot's for tea. By then it was around 10ish and we decided to go see our mate Beno. Beno is the older brother of Susi, one of my good friends. Beno and his girlfriend had just broken up a few hours before so it was a weird place to be. The night started with us having a few drinks and avoiding the subject and it ended with his ex-girlfriend throwing bottles at his house. Very eventful.

Last Sunday morning the girl came to my house straight from work at 7am in the morning. Last Sunday I was very hung over so really didn't appreciate seeing her as much as I did this weekend. We chilled out all day because she was tired from work and I was just lazy. We cranked bowling last night and then came home and crashed pretty much straight away. I missed the F1's which kinda sucked but its all good.

Today I woke up at 5:45 and saw that it was raining very hard and didn't think I would be working but by 7 it had cleared up so off I went. We had to do a quick job at Detpak where we do a lot of work and then after that we dug some holes. All very exciting but not very interesting for a blog. I had Mexican for tea and now the girl is here just chilling out.

That was definitely a huge post. Wow. It got kinda lean at the end but I got through it. Anyway I'm sure you will hear from me tomorrow. Bye now.

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Gyula said...

Hi Phil!
A big hello from Hungary!
I gave you two flags: Norway and Hungary!
And I have checked out ur most important parts of ur site!