Monday, July 10, 2006

My favourite

I realized today there are a couple cd's that I haven't stopped listening too lately. I drive a lot and listen to cd's because I don't like the radio but I realised that a few cds are in constant rotation and I just don't get sick of them.
Rise Against - Siren Song For The Counter Culture
Against Me! - Search For A Former Clarity
Karnivool - Themata

I heard rise against's new single the other day and it sounds pretty damn good so their new one should be great and I'm still hanging out for alexisonfires new cd which I'm tipping to be the release of the year... In my mind

Ok so I also thought I would give some of the other blogs I read some love and let you guys check out what other people are doing.
Head on over and read Tony Pierce cause he is pretty much the best of the best when it comes to blogging.
Also read Leah because she is crazy and she just got married.
Do it.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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