Monday, July 03, 2006

My realization

So I realized that I feel so shithouse because I mixed so many drinks last night. We started off with jager bombs then I went on to beer, a few scotch and dry's and later on I even had a pint of Guinness. All that pretty much equals me feeling not so happy to be standing today.
I didn't get anything done today which was good and bad. Good cause I'm lazy and bad because I'm lazy and it probably wont get done anyway. I'm watching the tennis now and hoping that Leyton Hewitt wins cause he is Australian but also hoping he loses because shit he is annoying. If he wins it would be awfully nice for him to share the prize money with my. After all I did mention him in my blog.
anyway I'm out. Have fun


Anonymous said...

Dude, make your *log a little more boring. It's not boring enough.


Spud said...

dude why are you up so early??? lol

Cholas said...

I think I wrote that while I was at work.

Spud said...

you work???

Lano said...

Haha... well yes that was a big night. You know its going to be big when you start the night with jager bombs and then a pile of 7% beers!

Oh well at least it was fun :)