Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Dream Car

Ok so since I have been a little kid I have always been a holden fan. Now for all those people who read my blog from other countries I live in Australia and Holden is GM's Australian division. Holden builds a car called the Commodore and in Australia its a bit of an icon. Today was the launch of the all new VE commodore. Now as I said I am a long time fan of holden and their cars. I drive a VY commodore which is a 2003 model and it was my dream car when I bought it but now all I want is a VE. I just thought I would let the world know how excited I am about the new model. So good on Holden for designing another awesome car.


Cholas said...

My dream car is a Cadillac.

Damn Travis having an influence over me.

Although I would like a sparkly green PT Cruiser. They are the perfect size for my drums.

CoralPoetry said...

That's one cooool car. I love the colour especially - hot peppers !!

I had a dream that I bought a yellow Lambourghini.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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