Friday, July 14, 2006

My weekie weekie endie

Ok so work all week was pretty good. We did some average jobs but it wasn't a bad week but that doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy my weekend. Its starting out tonight with a few of us heading down to the Dublin Pub for a few pints and then just letting the night happen but it is pretty cold and shitty outside so I don't know how far we will get. Tomorrow night should be good because the singer of my old band is heading back to Adelaide from Melbourne for this weekend so we will probably catch up and have a couple drinks. He is a top bloke so it should be a good night. The girl is working all weekend so I probably wont see her which sucks but you gotta earn money some how so its ok. Well crazy ladies hope you have a good weekend and you might even hear from me during mine.
Bye now.


coolc**t said...

i failed microeconomics and have to sit a supp exam on monday. im really sad.

Spud said...

why bother??? i failed statics and i cant be fucked doing the supp cause i can only get 50% and that is pointless.

Anonymous said...

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