Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Summary

Sorry but tonight will have to be a quick post cause I'm tired as shit. This was my day:
Got up and went to work,
Demolished half a house,
Went to the dump,
Got home,
Left home to go play netball with some school friends,
Was starving after netball so I went and got subway,
Ate 2 foot long sandwiches and 3 cookies,
Went with hoggot and layno to go bowling, and sucked at it.
Went to chalkers for a few games of pool,
Came home and wrote in my blog,, you should go there,
Went to bed

Bye now


tara said...

so weird, cause my thursday is just starting...

Cholas said...

Try to make yours more interesting than Phil's. It can't be that difficult.

Spud said...

yea that is weird reading about what someone did yesterday for your today. mmmm good sentence there.
hahaha what are you doing this weekend cholas??? give me a buzz

lano said...

i kicked your ass at bowling! haha good on me.

Bobinkie said...

that mexican was so good i wish i was eating it right now...

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