Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Sore Lung

So I worked again yesterday and it was ok. We pulled the floor out of a 1920's house and ripped up the old slate footings. The dust was incredibly bad and now I cant stop coughing up crap.
I went out last night for a friends farewell drinks then got Pizza Revolution with Layno before meeting up with the girl and heading home.
Went shopping today and bought some shoes that's have dice prints on them so that's cool. Also bought a cool jacket so I'm 100% style at the moment. I'm chilling out at the moment before I head out tonight to a couple friends birthdays. The girl is relaxing on my bed watching Into The Blue, its not real interesting but it has Jessica Alba in it so it catches my eye every now and then.
Just a quicky today. Have fun now.

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