Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My fuck off I'm tired day.

So last night was shit house. I still felt hung over so I went to bed early but didn't sleep so I watched the tennis and big brother and some other crap. I finally got to sleep but woke up again cause I have a sore shoulder and I don't know why. The fucking thing kept me up for about 35 mins until I went and took an asprin. So this morning I woke up again to my shoulder hurting and a morning hard on that wouldn't go away for what seemed like for ever. So now I'm up and heading into uni to see if I failed or not.
Also the comedian Tom Gleeson is playing at the Rhino Room on Wednesday this week so check him out. He is funny for a redhead.
I saw a poster the other day for that enchanted dance party and it made me realize that people who "enjoy" a rave should be killed.
Bye now

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comedy_nerd said...

Good on you for linking to a photo on my website, but why not link to some of my Tom Gleeson interviews as well? That way people could have appreciated his red hair and his funniness despite it, both at the same time. Otherwise, you should download the photo and host it on your site, really.

Still, a hit's a hit, I'm not gonna complain.

Hope your shoulder gets better.