Thursday, July 06, 2006

My non stop

So I got up today and went to work. It was good because I got to smash the inside of a house apart but it was dusty. Another good thing about my day was that we went to the Wingfield Resource Recovery Station, or, the dump. Going to the dump is always good because it means I get to sit in the truck for an hour while we drive to the dump and back. It is also funny to laugh at the yobbo's who work in places like a dump. ahh good on them.
So after work I got home and had to get ready to go out for Telf's birthday. I was starving so I had a dish of buttered chicken and rice. I then proceeded to have a scotch fillet steak while out to tea with the guys and then a chocolate sunday on the way home. I eat too much.
Tomorow is another day of working hard for my money but the weekend starts so its all fine.
This weekend I have one going away party and one two birthdays so I will be a busy boy.
More soon. Bye now

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Cholas said...

Am I the only person who comments on this?

And yeah I work, just answer phones and stuff for my Dad's company.

One day I hope to be a yobbo working in a dump.