Friday, June 30, 2006

My Sleeping Habits

Yesterday was a weird day. Domi and I got up at about 12:30 and just bummed around the house. I had to Pick my dad up as he was getting his truck serviced so we headed out to the otherside of town to get him at around 2:30. We were starving when we got back so we made hotdogs. They were good and after I ate three and domi finished two we were both incredibly full. We decided it was time for a lie down so we headed to my room and woke up at 7:30. For us to be sleepy again after only being awake for about 4 hours was crazy. We headed into town last night at 11:30 which was way too late and had a few drinks with my mates Kosta, Calvin and Luke then headed home cause me and Domi were tired again.
Today I got up and Domi left and I hung out with Cat for pretty much the rest of the day. She is still worried about moving to Malaysia but we had a good day anyway. We got subway, ate a whole pack of oreo's with milk and then went to Target and bought some coffee mugs that are square but round. Awesome.
bye now

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