Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My history lesson

Today was another lazy day for me and when I'm sitting at home I tend to read just about anything I can. After hearing about the successful shuttle launch and the missile test conducted by North Korea I found some articles and read about different events that have happened during shuttle launches and North Korea's past. I also found some very interesting articles about different things that happened during the end of world war two and the arms race to possess Nuclear weapons.

I thought it would be fitting since North Korea has just scared the world by Firing 6 long range missiles into the sea 500km from Japan and their declaration of having nuclear weapons that I post about some of the "unknowns" of our nuclear age.

I read into the technology involved in nuclear weapons and the different types and different elements in their makings. I then went on to read about the amount of bombs that have been detonated. This is where it really started to interest me. As I found out many facts about explosions and weapons tests that many people I'm sure have never heard of.

I found out that when the USA dropped the two atomic bombs on Japan, one of the bombs had never been tested before and was seen as a likely success to detonate. I then found out that 3 days after the Nagasaki bombing there was a large explosion off of Japan believed to be Japans own nuclear weapons test. The test was small compared to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts but it still means that Japan were planning on a similar attack on the USA even after the devastation seen in their own country. Luckily the peace Treaty was signed only a few days later. Another interesting fact was that during World War II it was believed that Nazi Germany also conducted a small hybrid nuclear test which did not have the power of either bombs dropped on Japan but still possessed technology that was unheard of to any other countries in the nuclear race.

Through my reading which now was definitely research I also stumbled onto the fact that North Korea has in fact tested what could have been a nuclear weapon. Sometime in the late 80's a huge crater was noticed on satellite photos and many soldiers on the North Korean, South Korean borderline noticed a flash and a loud explosion. The North Korean and United States government played this down and released a statement that a large forrest fire had caused what looked like a crater.

All this has to make you think how much information are our governments keeping from us??? All in all dont believe everything that CNN tells you.
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Cholas said...

I'd forgotten that you're smart and like knowing stuff.

I clicked on one of the ads, and it took me to the eBay listings for "Foreign Policy". All 103 listings are boring.

Spud said...

Im not just an incredibly good looking person you know, lol.

Ancient Clown said...

Your 'Ancient's History' lesson goes all the way back to before CAIN & ABEL, but I don't want to overload you just invite you on a journey...walk it at your own pace.
"I don't think I know...I just know I'm thinking."
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown