Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My World

Well since I have been posting photos lately I thought I would take some photos of my world... Meaning my room. First up is my desk and computer where all this blogging magic is written down... on keyboard. Notice the super cool periodic table that is

The next one is my cd collection. I have too many cds and I have wasted too much money on cds, but I love music so I keep buying them. They are all my favourite so good on me for having good taste. There is also a lot of cluttered things on my desk and they have tended to live there for a few years now.

The last photo is my room. Its very boyish, I know, but hey I'm only 19 and I like cars. I also have black curtains which is odd because in no way am I goth. I have a million photos and a million posters. I ran out of space on the walls so I started sticking posters on the roof but stopped when they kept falling on me in my sleep.
Bye now


Cholas said...

Wow, the morning I woke up in your bedroom with you hugging me was both scary and comforting.

Wendell said...

Hey spud.. nice pics... I like your beach pics!! and your car is very nice.. Here are a few pics of my messy room...
various pics
(at bottom of page)

Hey, you need to get a chat box!! :)

take care...