Sunday, August 13, 2006

My Weekend Review

Well it was another big one and I'm feeling it today. Work Friday was long and pretty boring but it was just another day and I was glad when I finally got home. The plan was to go out for Elises birthday but after a shower I was pretty keen for bed so I decided that I was only going to have a few drinks and come home early. That plan seemed good at the time but it didn't last long. Tilney picked me up and we headed down the bay to grab some tea before meeting up with everyone at the Dublin Pub. Tea consisted of pasta and a pizza that was incredibly good. By the time we headed down to the Dublin everyone was in the mood for a few drinks and it looked like it was going to be a pretty good night. Layno and I started off with a long island ice tea and the night just picked up after that. There was a lot of laughs and at about 12 somehow a fight broke out between one of Elises friends, friends and another random guy. We were upstairs at the Dublin and at that stage it was our group of about 35 people and only a couple others that we didn't know. Two guys walked in and pushed through our group of friends and nothing much was said until they decided to leave and pushed through again. Something was said and one of the guys turned around and punched the member of our group and bolted out leaving his friend to deal with us. After his friend received a few punches and was on the floor for a while the bouncers broke it all up. We talked to all the bar staff about it to clear things up because we are regulars and they know we wouldn't try and cause trouble like this. They were pretty chilled out about it and knew that it was the other two guys fault. We left soon after and headed over to the grand.

By this time I was pretty drunk and Layno and I were still downing the drinks pretty fast. We meet up with a lot of other friends at the grand and the night got even better. It was weird being at the Grand without Cat but I was too drunk for it to worry me. After a few more drinks that we didn't need to Grand was closing and the idea of heading back to Elises was bouncing around between all of us. Somehow Layno and I lost everyone, tried to get a ride home in a random group of peoples mini van and then ended up catching a taxi home with some guy. The guy was drunker than we were and got out between Layno and my houses which was weird considering he wanted to go to Hove which is about 5km from my house. Good on him though., and that was Friday.

I woke up Saturday afternoon feeling terrible and the afternoon slowed down after that. The girl came round and made me get out of bed and go get subway with her so that made me feel a bit better. We chilled out and watched some TV before having a quickie in the shower before she headed to work.

The plan was to crank it at my house Saturday night because we were all feeling pretty bad and we needed a quiet night. We ended up at Emma's house with a few people before they headed into town and Hoggot, Layno, Elyse. Tilney and I headed here for hotdogs and then to Hoggots to do nothing and watch Scrubs. It was definitely a quiet night but I was so hung over I didn't care.

The girl got home from work this morning at 7am so I woke up and let her in. I finally got out of bed at 11 and she followed me later at about 12. She is cooking a lamb roast for my parents tonight so that's keeping her busy all day while I watch the motor racing and football. I'm not real happy because the Crows lost and Skaife got knocked out in the first and third races. Oh well you cant win all the time.

Well this is probably the biggest post I have ever written but it was a big weekend so it deserves a big post.
Have fun now. Bye.


Ammoontie said...

Hi Phil,
Seemed like you have had a full weekend. Have a good monday and the rest of the week.Take care...

AZZAI.COM said...

Nice weekend for u. i love weekend. It time for rest. Come!read my news in my blog.

cat said...

ps i have some more photos to show you so stop being an antisocial pig and get on the internet so i can talk to sum stage. oh yeah im going bowling hehe miss u xx