Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Job

Ok so at the end of last week and the start of this week I started a job and have pretty much finished by my self. I don't mind working by myself because I seem to get a fair bit done when there are no distractions. I thought I would post some photos of how the last few days have panned out at the job at 33 Park Terrace.

The first two days I spent digging trenches and the final result can be seen. The block is lower than the house so the trenches only had to be 200mm into the natural ground so the digging was quite easy.

Monday started with me waiting for a bloke to come and spray the ground to repel white ants. After he was done I put some plastic down to get it ready for steel.

I then cut my arm on some steel.

Monday I got all the beams steeled up and then spent about an hour in traffic driving home.

Today was another big day. I started early and put all the waffle pods in before putting double mesh on the whole site. The waffle pods are Styrofoam blocks that we use instead of putting rubble back into a job because all the dirt and rubble had to be taken out and brought in by wheel barrow. With the addition of two layers of mesh it makes the whole mass of concrete free standing. This takes all of the load off of the waffle pods so they are only used when the concrete is wet and are just lost form work once the job is finished.

Well that's about it really. That was Thursday, Friday, Monday and today. We poor concrete tomorrow so stay posted for a picture of that. Exciting I know.
Well take it easy guys. Bye now.


.:Dreamer:. said...

thxs for the comment...take care

cat said...

how exciting i like looking at your worky things. u should take a photo of the grand for me so i dont forget what it looks like. hehe

Cholas said...

Dude. You're putting a picture of your cut arm on a blog.

Be more emo.

Submissive Kitten said...

Hi! Thanks for clicking through and commenting.

Looks like a fun little job; did ya leave any lasting marks in the concrete? :P

Spud said...

Haha i think i would get killed if i wrote my name in it.