Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Weeks End.

Ok so my working week is finally over, phew. It definitely has been a long one, and I'm glad its over. I have only got one day as a weekend so I'm going to have to make it a good one. Tonight looks promising too, with people coming round to my house in about 30 before we head down to the bay. There are drinks to be had and the night is young. Tomorrow is the girl and my 4 month anniversary and she bought me tickets to the footy. It should be a great game because its the two Adelaide teams against each other so that's something too look forward to as well. I bought her tickets to Melbourne to celebrate my birthday but don't tell her, lol.

Well work has been crazy so I thought I would let everyone know what I have been doing since Wednesday.

Wednesday started early as always when we are pouring concrete. It was bitterly cold so I wasn't completely happy to be outside but it soon got warmer as the day went on. We got the concrete in pretty easily and it wasn't hat hard a day. The first photo is just after we had filled the beams and the second photo is of my dad (on the right) and the two Italian concreters we use, Benny and David.

We do a lot of work for different factory's around Adelaide, some of the jobs are good some are terrible. Thursday was terrible. The factory we were working at is called Fiberlogic. They make high pressure pipes out of fiberglass, using a special method that was developed only a few years ago. I would go into detail but it would bore people more than these pictures, lol. When they make the pipes they have to be cut and have grooves put in them and they use water as a lubricant. All of the waste water and fiberglass is put into pits where it settles but the pits are too big so the process does not completely work. Our job was to dig out 35000 litres of fiberglass slop. It had the consistency of honey and it made me itchy as hell!!! Below is a picture of some of the pipes at the back of the factory.Friday, Saturday

For Friday and today we did another factory job. We had to put a pit in for a new machine at a tooling company. They make plastic injection dies for companies all over the world. The pit we put in was tiny and only took two days all up to dig out, poor the base and poor the walls. Below is a picture of the steel that we put into one of the pits we did last year. It was 3 metres deep opposed to the 40cm one we poured today.
Well that was another huge picture post. I hope you guys like these. If not tell me I'm crap and I will stop, lol. Well have a great weekend and I'm sure I will see you soon. Bye now.

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