Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Upbeat Update

Well I actually added a photo of me! I chucked it over there to the right and I also put it in my profile. I also created a Myspace page today so check that out if you want. Its pretty boring and it pretty much just links back to this page but I needed one to view bands videos and things like that so there ya go.
Bye now.


cat said...

wit wil ;) hehe

wendell said...

g'day spud...
you got a good blog goin here!...
Greetings from Kansas City Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Jonathan From CANADA! I come see your website, and I like it! I will come again! Comme see mine please, and let me a message please! I will be happy to read it!
Hey you play Guitare! WOW
I like Guitare, and I hope one day I will have a little moment to learn to play! :)
I am a boy very occupate! See my site, you will understand what i want to say! :))
Ok Bye bye my new friend from Australia! :) I hope you will come see me! Jo from Quebec CANADA

Anonymous said...

WOW I see you like RUGBY too!!
I like it too, but here, we don't play that! :0(((
I realy like to learn more about this sport! I saw it few time at television, and it's a very interressant sport! (I play american Football here) I think it's a similar sport!
If you come on my site, see the page (ma saison de football 2006) You will see picture of me when I play football, and (it's new) you can see videos of me when I play football! It's hott! :)
Ok Bye! Jonathan

Anonymous said...

I made a link on my website and put you in my friendlist! You will have more visitors from Canada Now! :)
Jonathan (Quebec Canada)