Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Flash Back

Today I had a flash back of something my friend Sam and I used to do around each other. We started, for some reason, to count things in half dozens, even when it was ridiculous. Someone would ask how many beers were in the fridge and we would say, ah 7 half dozens. It was a weird fad but apparently it stuck because today I was asked how many steel pins I had brought with me to a job and I replied with, ah 5 half dozens. I received a stunned look but then nothing was said. It made me remember that stupid fad we had though and it made me laugh a bit. It will catch on one day just you watch.

I will finish this bad boy off with some of today's headlines that I think are important.
The Maori Queen of New Zealand died today after 40 years of reign as queen. She will be mourned by the New Zealand nation and it means the end of an era for a large proportion of the New Zealand population.
On a lighter side, congratulations to a Nascar fan who while the winning driver of a race celebrated his win with his team, the fan jumped in the car and took it for a ride around the track. I think it is hilarious and applaud the bloke for having the balls to steal a Nascar.
That's it, bye now.


mes said...

pretty interesting stuff there.

cat said...

heres a news headline:
"best friend stands up another for the 50th time"
just kidding, i understand :) wasn't gonna msg u bak cuz its too expensive.
peace love and mickey mouse x

Reeholio said...

Hi Spud, thanks for checking out A World of Bloggers. I have added your link there. Please remember to return the favour.

That video below is damn funny. What a hoot!

Cheers, Rhys