Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Big Night Out.... Again

It started out the same as my nights have been starting lately with me thinking to myself that I didn't feel like a big night. My mind soon changed after I had a few beers.

We started the night by heading to my mate Joffie's 21st. I meet Joff a long time ago when we used to skate at Cumberland skate park. The party was a bit weird because his friends were a bit different but it was ok. We didn't stay long and then headed into town to meet everyone.

We got into town and headed to the London Tavern, which is where the girl works, and met up with Calvin and his friends and Tilney, Elyse and there friends. The girl was feeding me drinks for free so I was having a pretty good time. The highlight of the Tav was when we stole a both from too fat girls by sitting down with them until they got uncomfortable and left. It was an odd thing to do but we wanted to sit down.

After the Tav we headed to the Balcony Bar which I had never been to and still haven't because we couldn't get in so we headed on over to the Oxford to see our mate Smithy and have a few drinks. I have never been a huge fan of the Oxford but I had fun. We met up with Luke towards the end of the night so it was good to see him again.

The night ended with Layno and I getting pizza revolution and then driving home. Layno drove and I was a shell of a man because of the alcohol someone put in me. I got home and was still hungry so I decided to make pasta and woke everyone else up in the house in the process. Good on me.

Well that was the night.
Bye now

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