Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Tradition

When we all started uni at the start of this year it became a tradition that every Wednesday night we would head to a little dingy pub in North Adelaide called the Kentish. Since we had exams and then holidays and now I am working and the other boys have been doing different things lately we have been missing our Wednesday night meals. This week we thought we would change our tradition and head to the Kentish for chicken parmigianas on Tuesday night. As I said before the Kentish is a tiny little pub on a back street but they have maybe the best chicken parmigianas around. It was a quick meal last night but it was good to catch up with Calvin who I hadn't seen much of lately and it was a very good meal. I was really surprised but I even found a picture of the Kentish so you guys can all have a look.

I am trying to get two posts a day happening but I haven't been home a lot lately so its not really going to plan but I should be posting a bit more soon.
Bye now.


Cholas said...

Ahh, The Kentish. I like it there.

Telf said...

Whats a kentish?

MerapuMan said...

My 2nd visit here, but nothing to say

Cholas said...

Telf: Maybe you're a Kentish.

I hope it means "A bit like Kent", the English county.