Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Lesson In Hose Ethics

Some days at work I do things that a normal person really wouldn't have any idea how to do. Some days I do things that a monkey could do. Today I hosed a pile of dirt for about 3 hours. You see when compacting rubble for a sub base (the base that you poor concrete floors on, eg factory floors) the rubble needs to be quite wet before you compact it. That was my quite boring job for the day, to water and compact 65 tonne of rubble over about 250 square metres.

There are different stages of watering rubble. The first stage is when the rocks in the rubble get a shine to them because the top sand has been washed off, the second stage is when water pools a tiny bit then seeps into the soil underneath and the third stage is when the whole area is soaked. Optimum compaction can be obtained when the rubble is between the second and third stage. Now that you guys know that, you can pretty much do what I did for 3 hours today. You could also train a 5 year old to do it. After my exciting job of watering I began rolling the base. That is the tricky part because most people cant drive a 6 tonne roller and that's why I get paid the big bucks, lol.

So after my exciting day of riding in trucks, flattening rubble, watering rubble and then rolling it, I have to go back and do another 350 square metres tomorrow. It might be boring some times but at least I'm out side in the fresh air and nearly every day is different. Who would want an office job!

Tonight I'm cruising around and playing netball with school friends and hanging out with the girl. Tomorrow night is Elyse's birthday at the Dublin Pub so that should be a great night out. More then.
Bye now.

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Cholas said...

Teach me how to hose stuff one day, yeah?