Friday, August 18, 2006

My Phone

So I managed to break my phone. Somehow I got water into the base of it and it corroded. The phone worked perfectly but I couldn't charge it because all the terminals were rooted so it made it hard to use it on a daily basis. So last night on the way home from wok I went to Marion and got another phone. My contract still had 3 months left on it but somehow I conned the guy into not worrying about that and he just let me start another contract. So now I have a nice new spiffy phone that in a few months will probably be ruined due to all the dirt and junk that gets in them from work. The new phone has a better camera so that means more photos... Yay.

So last night after getting my new phone I rushed home to have a shower before playing netball. The game was full on and afterwards I was pretty much rooted. The girl, Sam and I all came back to my house after the game so I could have another shower and then we headed to the Ed for a few beers with some people. It was a pretty quiet night at the Ed because it was a Thursday but I wasn't up for a big one so we just chilled in the beer garden and had a few brews.

This morning I woke up to find that my old phone had completely died. I had been using it still because it had battery power and my new one wasn't charged yet but for some reason my old one had just died. I couldn't turn it on at all no matter what I did. I was incredibly pissed off because I hadn't copied my numbers or anything like that off of it so I was not a happy chappy. I had a shower and headed to the phone store I went to last night and the dude helped me get all my stuff off my old phone onto my new one so now everything is peachy in the phone world.

After my phone troubles I headed down to Montezumas for some Mexican food. I took the first picture on my new phone of Mexican food so I thought that was pretty cool, lol.

Tonight I am heading to the footy to see Port Adelaide and Collingwood play. I have a friend who plays for Collingwood but I really don't like either team so I don't really know why I'm going. Should be pretty fun though.

I need to post more often so I don't end up with these 20000 word essays of posts. Good on me though.
That's it for now. Have fun.


Cholas said...

This had so many references to showers. I don't think I'm clean enough to read this post.

Chia said...

Making us hungry are you ;)

Greetings from The Netherlands!