Friday, August 04, 2006

My Inappropriate Nickname

The other day I found out very violently that Fish Stick is not an appropriate nickname for ones girlfriend. In my defense she was eating fish pizza at the time but I learnt that this is no excuse. I honestly think there was 1.5 seconds between me finishing the word stick and her punching me in the chest. All in good fun though.

Lately I haven't stop listening to Alexisonfire's new cd but today for some reason I have been listening to a lot of Quiet Companies songs. Those two links are there myspace pages so go check them out if you haven't heard either band before. They are definitely opposite ends of the scale but very good tunes none the less.

Well bye now.


Zilko said...

Hi there... :) Have a nice weekend :D

Fish stick, hmmm... :thinking:

Andy said...

Fish Stick?? lol well tell her it could have been worse :-)) I call mine far worse than that lol

Anonymous said...

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