Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Something Year Old Friends

Its weird that when you have a group of friends, birthdays seem to gather around only a few months. Last night was Steves birthday, Thursday is Layno's birthday and mine is in a few weeks. Its weird but great at the same time because its a good excuse to go out. Last night we headed to the Ed for a few drinks for Steve and I stayed out way too late and I was so tired this morning. It was one of those mornings where 30 seconds more sleep sounded like a weeks vacation. Once I was up and about I was ok but I thought I was going to die for a little bit. Today was the usual really, nothing too exciting happened and not a very interesting job to take photos of so I guess you guys just have to put up with text. I'm going to have an early one tonight and head to bed soon so I guess that's it for a while guys. Bye now.


Bar Americas said...

greetings from mexico mate!

Anonymous said...

HI Spud! I come again to visit you! :)))
come see me at:
I hope you will visit me again soon! :) bye bye from Quebec,Canada. JO!