Friday, August 04, 2006

My Swedish Day

So today after finding out I don't have to work again me and the girl woke up at 11am. I was starving so I made an awesome pizza and she ate the crusts as usual. We had nothing planned so we decided to head down to Ikea because neither of us had been there since it had opened a few months ago.

Adelaide is small and only a few months ago our first Ikea store opened. There are other stores in the rest of Australia but only recently in Adelaide. I had visited an Ikea store in America years ago and the girl had been to a few in Sweden when she was there at the start of the year so it wasn't anything incredibly exciting but we had nothing else to do so it was fun.

We walked in and thought we should definitely grab one of their bags to put items in because we might want to buy something. We walked and walked and walked but didn't really see anything that we had to have so we pretty much just carried this very large and very annoying bag around the store the whole time. It wasn't until we got to the cash registers that the girl finally found something she wanted, some tea candles for her mum. So after carrying that dumb bag around the whole store we found something to buy with 10 meters left in the store. It was a fun few hours though.

After our little day trip we got home and the girl had to leave for work and I chilled out. I drank two red bulls and then had to sit around for a while because I felt sick. I'm ok now though because I had some risotto, lol, and I'm awesome.
Bye now


brown bee said...

I have been Melbourne Once, i love ppl there. By the way u r good in publish ur own story.


Cholas said...

Good work on spelling metre the American way.

Love Cholas.