Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Big Sneeze

This morning I woke up feeling pretty average. My nose was a bit runny and my head was all stuffed up. I thought to myself, I know this feeling, Bloody hayfever! I searched my medicine cabinet thingy but I had run out of the anti hayfever tablets that I normally take so I had to tough it out. I was pretty fine once I got going but I had this feeling that I was going to sneeze. This sneezey feeling lasted till 4pm this afternoon when I finally sneezed, all over my arm. It was lovely and I even contemplated taking a photo and posting it on this old blog.

It was 26 today so it was great to be outside. I didn't think much of the heat but it was enough for me to get sun burnt. Nothing bad I'm just a light shade of pink. I'm one of those people who can pass a bright light and get a bit of a burn. It sucks though because I never really seem to tan. I'm permanently pale. Damn should have called my blog that. Stupid potatoes.

Last night me and the girl watched Underworld and I have to say for a vampire movie it was pretty good. I fell asleep a few times cause I was rooted from work but I don't think I missed anything too important cause I liked it anyway.
Bye now.

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