Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My 48 Hours

Wow. I'm rooted. So here's what happened.
So as I mentioned before we went out Monday night and watched the soccer. Me and Domi left at about half time because we were both tired and I headed home. I got home about halfway through the last half and I thought ah what the hell I will watch the rest. So at 2:30 when we lost in the last 7 seconds I went to sleep.
I woke up Tuesday after 4 hours sleep, hung over and very unhappy at 6:30 and headed to work. It was about 6 degrees and raining so I wasn't pleased to be out of bed. We poured the slab and just as we had screeded it (made the concrete flat) it rained again and ruined all our hard work. So we did what we had to and headed back to our yard at about 4pm. We needed to make some brackets up so that kept us busy till we knocked off at 5:30. Now after 4 hours sleep I had worked for 11 hours while being drenched because of the rain and freezing because it was oh so cold so I wasn't very cheery.
It was Sam's birthday so everyone was going out to the Ed for a few drinks so I got home at about 5:45pm had a shower and went to tea with my parents and Domi. We finished tea and me and Domi headed to the Ed at 8pm, and I wanted to die or sleep. I got there and all the people I know were there so it was awesome and I had a few beers and wanted to die, or sleep. I had plans of leaving with Tilney at 9:30 so I could have an early night but at 1:30am when I stumbled up to my house I thought to myself, Phil you are an idiot. So I climbed into bed fully clothed and slept till 2pm this afternoon and now I feel shithouse.
So that's pretty much how it all happened and now I'm off to calvins house because he is building a bar for his unit and he needs help. I still feel terrible and I still want to die, or sleep so we will see how that treats me.
Have fun.

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