Monday, June 19, 2006

One down three to go

Well today is Monday in shitty cold Adelaide and my first exam (Statics for all you playing at home) was shitty and cold. I didn't do well at all. I'm going for about %50 which isn't enough to pass so that's a kick in the grinners. If that's a saying. I had my failures bowl of macaroni and cheese when I got home and that made me feel better till I realized I had to get back to studying for Maths and Chem which are Wednesday and Thursday.
I'm sick of all of these nerdy subjects so I think I will just see how I go in my last three exams then change next semester or defer or just do something else with my life. It seems like it should be a hard decision as to what I do but all I can say is that I need a change. This science thing just doesn't do it for me so its off again on the career hunt. Any career suggestions would be awesome, till next time, have fun.

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