Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My purity

Well today was pure maths and it went better than I had expected. Whenever I do an exam I always finish 20 to 40 minutes early. This worries me because it causes me to think. I think did I do that well, or did I do terribly. I have completed enough exams now that I should be over this and just realize that I finish written things early but I don't know, I think humans are programmed to doubt.
A couple interesting things happened while is was in the gigantic exam hall.
1) For all exams there is a 10 minute reading time at the start where you are allowed to read the paper and realize how screwed you are. After the reading time there is a compulsory 30 minute period where you cannot leave. This is weather the exam is 1, 2 or 3 hours. I don't know why they have this 30 minute waiting time but they just do, Ok. Well I'm sitting there and I had finished maybe the first 2 questions when the dude in front of my puts up his hand. So I think to myself wow he must have drank a lot before he came in to have to chuck a piss after only 40 mins, But sure enough he hands his paper in and walks right on outta there. I couldn't believe it. Why would you come??? Well good on him.
2) I realized that after sitting down for 3 hours it is really hard to get out of your seat and walk a million miles back to your car. So that was another upside.
I think that's the last time I will be using numbered points in my blog so you should definitely read those. I'm also very happy with my use of paragraphs. Good on me.

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