Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Day

Well today was another day spent studying. Attempting to study is a weird situation. Its a situation where you find yourself doing things that in everyday life, you wouldn't consider doing. While studying its good to take breaks. Whether that be to eat, as I did, about 8 times today yet I still feel a little peckish after my take out Mexican food that was goood. When studying its easy to convince yourself that there are things that are incredibly important that need to be done at that moment. When I study I think, even though definitely not true, it helps my brain if I drink a red bull or two. Now I know I am just being a lowsy consumer and believing all the crappy lies that are written on red bull cans but when you are searching for marks as badly as I am you take anything you can. So as I sit there at my desk reading about the fundamental theorem of calculus, as you do, I sip my red bull and the instant I finish that little 250ml can I think of the absolute necessity that I walk to the kitchen and rinse that can so I can place it in our black recycle bin so it can be ready to be recycled straight away. Now normally I do try to recycle our precious resources. I recycle all the paper I waste by writing about the fundamental theorem of calculus and I recycle cans cause it tells me too on the label but I never have the urge to do it the second I'm finished with the fine product and this is why I believe that if every human on this planet hated studying maths as much as I do the world would be a much less polluted place... There I said it. Have fun

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