Saturday, June 24, 2006

My game

Long day. Seriously. After work and a hot shower I had pizza with my parents and headed down the bay with my mates hoggot and sam. We headed to chalkers for a few games of pool. Tonight was not my night. I am normally pretty good at pool but tonight I seriously sucked. It definitely wasn't my night.
Pool halls are weird places and you often see different types of people. Of the three tables around us there was three very different groups of people. The first table had a group of very typical skinny white rap fans who sang along to all of the lousy music that was playing. The second table was a group of 25ish couple who were just having fun. The third table was the funniest for me. Two guys were playing pool with two girls who didn't seem that interested. The funny thing was that the two guys were trying hilariously too hard. One of the dude was wearing a singlet!!! I felt like going up to him and telling him it's 7 degrees outside. it makes me laugh sometimes how hard people try.
well that's my rant for the time being.
bye now

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