Friday, June 30, 2006

My Sleeping Habits

Yesterday was a weird day. Domi and I got up at about 12:30 and just bummed around the house. I had to Pick my dad up as he was getting his truck serviced so we headed out to the otherside of town to get him at around 2:30. We were starving when we got back so we made hotdogs. They were good and after I ate three and domi finished two we were both incredibly full. We decided it was time for a lie down so we headed to my room and woke up at 7:30. For us to be sleepy again after only being awake for about 4 hours was crazy. We headed into town last night at 11:30 which was way too late and had a few drinks with my mates Kosta, Calvin and Luke then headed home cause me and Domi were tired again.
Today I got up and Domi left and I hung out with Cat for pretty much the rest of the day. She is still worried about moving to Malaysia but we had a good day anyway. We got subway, ate a whole pack of oreo's with milk and then went to Target and bought some coffee mugs that are square but round. Awesome.
bye now

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My 48 Hours

Wow. I'm rooted. So here's what happened.
So as I mentioned before we went out Monday night and watched the soccer. Me and Domi left at about half time because we were both tired and I headed home. I got home about halfway through the last half and I thought ah what the hell I will watch the rest. So at 2:30 when we lost in the last 7 seconds I went to sleep.
I woke up Tuesday after 4 hours sleep, hung over and very unhappy at 6:30 and headed to work. It was about 6 degrees and raining so I wasn't pleased to be out of bed. We poured the slab and just as we had screeded it (made the concrete flat) it rained again and ruined all our hard work. So we did what we had to and headed back to our yard at about 4pm. We needed to make some brackets up so that kept us busy till we knocked off at 5:30. Now after 4 hours sleep I had worked for 11 hours while being drenched because of the rain and freezing because it was oh so cold so I wasn't very cheery.
It was Sam's birthday so everyone was going out to the Ed for a few drinks so I got home at about 5:45pm had a shower and went to tea with my parents and Domi. We finished tea and me and Domi headed to the Ed at 8pm, and I wanted to die or sleep. I got there and all the people I know were there so it was awesome and I had a few beers and wanted to die, or sleep. I had plans of leaving with Tilney at 9:30 so I could have an early night but at 1:30am when I stumbled up to my house I thought to myself, Phil you are an idiot. So I climbed into bed fully clothed and slept till 2pm this afternoon and now I feel shithouse.
So that's pretty much how it all happened and now I'm off to calvins house because he is building a bar for his unit and he needs help. I still feel terrible and I still want to die, or sleep so we will see how that treats me.
Have fun.

Monday, June 26, 2006

My weight lifted

Well that was it, the last one. Its such a great feeling to know that you don't have anything to worry about for the next few weeks. Although I start working tomorrow for my old man its still not the same. So tonight we are going out to watch Australia play Italy in the soccer. The game starts at 12:30am and goes till around 2:30am. Tomorrow I have to start work at 7am so I'm guessing I wont be too excited about standing in the cold and shoveling concrete, but what ca you do. The worst thing about working for your dad is that you cant exactly just call up sick. I guess I deserve what I get though for being a sucker.
The girl is coming out tonight so that's another bonus as I haven't seen her since Friday last week cause she worked all weekend and I studied so yay. I think we are heading down to the Dublin hotel at Glenelg so I suppose we will have to get a few pints into us, lol. Ah to be Irish.
Well till next time, have fun, bye now.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My music

Wow so I just heard the brand new Alexisonfire song and its not bad. Head on over to and check it out. Its called Boiled Frogs and that link also has "Charlie Sheen vs Henry Rollins" which was off the switcheroo ep. The word on the inside also is that Alexisonfire's cd is coming out mid august with the first single to be released late July so watch out!

My short lived celebrations.

Today is the beautiful Tilney's birthday so happy birthday you skinny skinny girl.
It sucks at the moment because just about everyone's lives are on hold because of uni exams. Tilney cant celebrate her birthday till next weekend because of having exams and it just puts everyone in a spin. My last exam is tomorrow (Monday) and it is also Sams birthday on Tuesday so I cant wait to have a few beers with him at The Ed on Tuesday night.
I was Starving when I got up so I thought I would go and get a cheese and spinach pasty from Beck's Bakery and damn I was good.
Well just a quick post Because I have to get to studying now so yea, have fun.

Song, Rise Against - Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

My drink

You know what I realised the other day? I drink a lot of water. Its weird but I seem to do it without noticing. A cup here, a cup there, I think I have a problem. Na
Well today was another pretty stagnate day. I woke up and did, well, fuck all, all day. I had macaroni and cheese for lunch with was the bomb and then I sat around the house trying to not study. I watched the footy tonight only to have collingwood win which gave me the shits and then went out to chalkers again for a few games of pool with the boys. Now I'm home again, writing in this damn blog again and watching the rugby. It annoys me because South Australia isn't a traditional rugby state they don't show the rugby till late at night and normally someone tells me who won the game before I get to watch it but this time no one spoilt it for me so I'm looking forward to seeing who wins. Its Australia vs Ireland. Should be good. Well that's about it for now so I will speak to you happy folk soon. Ah yea I would love to see who is actually reading this so leave a comment if you want. It would be greatly appreciated. Bye now

My Routine

You know its weird how easily you can get out of routine. For the past two weeks or so I have been chilling at home studying boring subjects. I had my third exam on Thursday and since then I have been in a completely different mind set. Yesterday I saw Domi, worked for a few hours then saw some friends and now my routine is shot to pieces. I woke up this afternoon at about 12:30 and even though I should have started studying I just cannot seem to concentrate. I don't know if I want to. I'm sick of it in a way and now all I want to do is go and get drunk with everyone but I cant. What makes it worse is all the plans I had to go out and get drunk and fuck around on Monday night are now not appropriate as I have to work Tuesday and we are pouring concrete at 7am so that's just gay. Oh well I will have to postpone my post exam celebrations till later on in the week. I am looking forward to a change from all this study though so anything different will be great, even work. Well that's another rant for you. Have fun

My game

Long day. Seriously. After work and a hot shower I had pizza with my parents and headed down the bay with my mates hoggot and sam. We headed to chalkers for a few games of pool. Tonight was not my night. I am normally pretty good at pool but tonight I seriously sucked. It definitely wasn't my night.
Pool halls are weird places and you often see different types of people. Of the three tables around us there was three very different groups of people. The first table had a group of very typical skinny white rap fans who sang along to all of the lousy music that was playing. The second table was a group of 25ish couple who were just having fun. The third table was the funniest for me. Two guys were playing pool with two girls who didn't seem that interested. The funny thing was that the two guys were trying hilariously too hard. One of the dude was wearing a singlet!!! I felt like going up to him and telling him it's 7 degrees outside. it makes me laugh sometimes how hard people try.
well that's my rant for the time being.
bye now

Friday, June 23, 2006

My Morning

Last night was magic. Me and the girl went to a place off Hindley Street called COS. Its a small place but its incredibly nice. We sat down and had a few drinks before our meals arrived, Domi had oysters and I had their specialty steak. The oysters were apparently huge and fantastic while my steak was sooo damn good. When I went to pay the guy recognised me from a couple other times when we had taken my mum there for her birthday so we got tea for about 50 which I thought was great. We had planned on desert at Spat's on King William Street but decided we were having enough trouble walking so we just headed on home.
I woke this morning with a shocking head ache but I got to stare into her eyes for a while so everything was peachy. After the girl left I made an omelet with 5 eggs and now I'm just waiting for that to settle. I'm making a quick post because I have to go to work in a second so that will be fun.
Bye now

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My freedom and happiness

Well that was it. The last one for my week.
I had my third exam today and god it feels super to have the realization that I don't have anything to do for the rest of the day. I still have another exam on Monday next week but for today I'm doing nothing.
On an even better note it is me and my girlfriends two month anniversary today which makes the rest of my day sound even better. Domi and I meet through a friend and she is honestly my favourite person in the world. Two months isn't a great amount of time but we have been through a lot so far and its still been fun so I cant wait to see her tonight. I got up at 4:45 this morning to study before my 9am exam so I don't know what the plans will be but I'm thinking maybe dinner or something like that, but we will see. Happy two month punk!!
I don't think she knows about this whole blog thing because I don't really tell people I know about it but hopefully she will read this someday.
Well its been fun. Bye now

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My selfishness

Is it terrible to ask someone not to move away because of your own selfishness? I found out the other day that one of my favourite people on this planet is moving away. The move is said to only be for 6 months but it has an open endedness about it that scares the hell out of me. I forget sometimes how easy it is too lose people and friends to the smallest things. I am happy because the move means a once in a lifetime opportunity but in the end it means sadness in my life and yes I'm selfish and I honestly don't want that. We will see how everything plans out but its definitely a weird situation.
Right now: The Clash - Train In Vain.

My best

Is this the best concert photo of all time? Its Wade from Alexisonfire. I think it would take a great band to beat this photo but i will keep you posted. have fun

My purity

Well today was pure maths and it went better than I had expected. Whenever I do an exam I always finish 20 to 40 minutes early. This worries me because it causes me to think. I think did I do that well, or did I do terribly. I have completed enough exams now that I should be over this and just realize that I finish written things early but I don't know, I think humans are programmed to doubt.
A couple interesting things happened while is was in the gigantic exam hall.
1) For all exams there is a 10 minute reading time at the start where you are allowed to read the paper and realize how screwed you are. After the reading time there is a compulsory 30 minute period where you cannot leave. This is weather the exam is 1, 2 or 3 hours. I don't know why they have this 30 minute waiting time but they just do, Ok. Well I'm sitting there and I had finished maybe the first 2 questions when the dude in front of my puts up his hand. So I think to myself wow he must have drank a lot before he came in to have to chuck a piss after only 40 mins, But sure enough he hands his paper in and walks right on outta there. I couldn't believe it. Why would you come??? Well good on him.
2) I realized that after sitting down for 3 hours it is really hard to get out of your seat and walk a million miles back to your car. So that was another upside.
I think that's the last time I will be using numbered points in my blog so you should definitely read those. I'm also very happy with my use of paragraphs. Good on me.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Day

Well today was another day spent studying. Attempting to study is a weird situation. Its a situation where you find yourself doing things that in everyday life, you wouldn't consider doing. While studying its good to take breaks. Whether that be to eat, as I did, about 8 times today yet I still feel a little peckish after my take out Mexican food that was goood. When studying its easy to convince yourself that there are things that are incredibly important that need to be done at that moment. When I study I think, even though definitely not true, it helps my brain if I drink a red bull or two. Now I know I am just being a lowsy consumer and believing all the crappy lies that are written on red bull cans but when you are searching for marks as badly as I am you take anything you can. So as I sit there at my desk reading about the fundamental theorem of calculus, as you do, I sip my red bull and the instant I finish that little 250ml can I think of the absolute necessity that I walk to the kitchen and rinse that can so I can place it in our black recycle bin so it can be ready to be recycled straight away. Now normally I do try to recycle our precious resources. I recycle all the paper I waste by writing about the fundamental theorem of calculus and I recycle cans cause it tells me too on the label but I never have the urge to do it the second I'm finished with the fine product and this is why I believe that if every human on this planet hated studying maths as much as I do the world would be a much less polluted place... There I said it. Have fun

Monday, June 19, 2006

One down three to go

Well today is Monday in shitty cold Adelaide and my first exam (Statics for all you playing at home) was shitty and cold. I didn't do well at all. I'm going for about %50 which isn't enough to pass so that's a kick in the grinners. If that's a saying. I had my failures bowl of macaroni and cheese when I got home and that made me feel better till I realized I had to get back to studying for Maths and Chem which are Wednesday and Thursday.
I'm sick of all of these nerdy subjects so I think I will just see how I go in my last three exams then change next semester or defer or just do something else with my life. It seems like it should be a hard decision as to what I do but all I can say is that I need a change. This science thing just doesn't do it for me so its off again on the career hunt. Any career suggestions would be awesome, till next time, have fun.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Is this the first?

Well this is it I guess. I should be studying but I'm not I'm here, on the net, again. The rugby is about to start and its unlikely I'm ever going to start working on that maths exam that has been sitting on my desk for about a week now. I still have a few days so its ok.. Isn't it? As a student I pride myself on the many ways I can get out of studying and still think I will pass my exams. This is why I'm here. I read blogs, they interest me but I never thought I had the time to share my irrelevant thoughts with the world till now. Till exams. I will try to post every day, sometimes twice a day but I don't know how long it will last. Wish me luck with my exams if you want but just trust me when I say it will be fine. OK. I will see you all soon.