Monday, June 02, 2008

My Big Scull

It has been a while I know but its been a pretty crazy past few days. In the last week everything has changed. Everything. I went from living independently, being my own boss and having so much freedom to back to my old life. It was a pretty smooth transportation though.

The girls mum got back from her trip and she is as sick as a dog so it was straight to the doctor for some antibiotics and then some rest. The same day she got back I had another big concrete pour on which went really terribly. The first load of concrete came and it poured out of the truck like soup. 45 minutes later though it was completely hard. We could walk on it and could barely shovel it. We worked like you wouldn't believe and got the second truck load down and then started finishing the first load. The second area was finished 2 and a half hours after the first even though they were only put down 45 minutes apart. I was not happy at all and even after giving Boral, the concrete company a serve, they didn't even send a sales rep out to see me. Not happy Jan.

Apart from a few headaches the pour came up alright and it finished off a stressful but successful month. The weekend was a bit of a release and with Emma's 21st Friday night and a very funny night at Nicole's Saturday night. I was relieved. The high/lowlight of the weekend was at Nicole's where after being the loser of the drinking game Kings I had to scull a glass which was made up of one part vodka, one part white wine, one part Heineken and the last part Hahn Super dry. I got it down but god it was terrible. Really terrible. I felt a bit average after that but had a great great night. I ate the best pizza ever about an hour after my big scull.

This week is all about new things in a way. New jobs that we are moving on too and new ways of living. Its good though because without change life becomes stagnant and boring so I guess shaking thing up a bit is a good thing. I think I will just go with the flow.

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