Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Final Payment

Well today I paid the final installment for the ski trip we are going on this year. I was about two weeks late I think but I managed to remember and got it paid. I cant wait. I am in two minds though because the girl and I are going with a lot of people we don't know. Last year we went up with a small group of friends and it was one of the best weeks away I have ever had so hopefully this year is the same.

The trip is through Calvin and his uni and although neither the girl or I go there, Calvin still got us a spot. It is all organized through them which makes it pretty cheap due to the numbers, so that is awesome. Last year I had a bit of a tumble and knocked myself out for a bit so hopefully I stay upright this year.

This week has been really cushy so far. We have been doing a lot of organizing and not a lot of working. It all needs to be done and it looks like we will have a few big jobs coming up so that is always good. There is a company which we are trying to ease our way in to get all their work because there is years of work to be done up there and it would be a massive step for us. I will let you know how we go in the next few months.

Back to the grind tomorrow I think.

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Suzie said...

If you were there why didn't you say hi???? jeeze! plus.....for future reference; I am ALWAYS drunk at events which beer is readily available :)