Sunday, June 29, 2008

My 21 22 22

This weekend was full of big milestones for four very important people in my life. The first was Sam's 22nd birthday which we celebrated at his place Friday night. Friday was a good day for two reasons, Sam's birthday was one and the arrival of our good friend Helen was another. Helen is from Manchester and since we met her a couple of years ago has come to Australia to see us every year. She is such a lovely person and always good to see and have a laugh with. She is staying with Sam for a few weeks so Friday night was a birthday/welcome celebration.

We enjoyed a few drinks and an incredible tea with Sam's mum dad and sister while chatting away about everything that has been happening in all of our lives. It seems crazy that Sam is turning 22 because it only seems like months ago that I was making a speech at his house for his 21st. It was so great to see his parents because I haven't been up to his house for a while and they are lovely people. We wolfed down desert and decided to continue the party at the Dublin at Glenelg. We made the trek down but had to leave after only about a half hour. It killed me to leave but I was so tired and had to work early the next morning.

Work was a struggle because I was tired and it was freezing. It went quickly though for some reason and before I knew it we were finished. I raced home and pack my clothes before racing to the girls house so she could start getting ready for the celebrations that night.

After the girl put in a couple of hours and me putting a good 20 minutes in we were ready to head out to Tilney's party. I have to say that the girl looked amazing and I felt even more greatfull to call her mine. We arrived at the amazing Adelaide oval function room which overlooked the oval and the famous score board and started an amazing night with a beverage. We mingled around and talked to so many familiar faces before Adam, Sam and I gave our speech. Adam and I have known Tilney since we started school so we had almost 17 years of stories to cram into a short speech. We picked the highlights and hopefully people liked it. Its still weird to think that little Tilney is all grown up.

I spoke about how in year four Tilney was my first girlfriend but after two weeks she broke up with me because I was too scared to talk to her and made a few jokes about the first time she got her new car. We also talked about how we used to jokingly pick on her at school and all of the funny moments from back then. After speeches the party really kicked on and by 12 we were all quite drunk. The plan was to head into town and it was decided upon to go to the Stag.

We got there and to our disappointment there was a huge lineup so it was off to the Belgium Beer bar. More drinks and more laughs and stories followed before I hit the wall and was dead tired. Too much drinking, laughing, yelling and not enough sleep and it was time for us to go home. We caught a taxi home and were a bit shaken because the guy drove at 100 in a 60 zone the whole way home. We made it, thank god, and were incredible relieved to finally be in bed. It was a good night though, god it was a good night.

We paid for it today though with the girl and I both waking up and feeling terrible. We finally got out of bed at 12:30 and the girl, the angel, made scrabbled eggs for lunch. We devoured that and decided that the best thing to do was to head back to bed. After sleeping for 3 hours we awoke again feeling hungry. We grabbed our stuff and headed to my house. The girls car was still up at Sam's house so we collected it on the way and saw Sam who said he felt just as bad as us. No sympathy there.

The day slowed down when we arrived at mine and we just relaxed and rested our delicate heads. We had tea and then headed on down to the Grand Bar for drinks with Groke for his birthday. The girl managed to get two thirds the way through a vodka and pineapple but I couldn't manage any alcohol. We only stayed for a short time because we were both feeling worse for wear and came home to enjoy a lie down and some TV.

This weekend was such a good weekend. We had two really amazing parties and Saw so many people. I have to say Happy birthday Sam, Tilney and Groke. The weekend was all the more better because the girl and I received news that the girls mum got the all clear on her two year cancer scan. It was the best news we could hope for and a huge relief. I couldn't have had a better weekend.


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