Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Two Part Role

I have had a couple of good days at work this week. Its been different but good none the less. Work can be weird because of the way my Dad and I work. When we are doing earthworks one person is always driving the truck and the other is on the machinery. Normally my dad drives the truck and I work using the bobcat or excavator while he is doing loads to the dump or quarry. Lately though things have been reversed and I am the one driving the truck.

I did a lot of driving today but it was good. I don't mind cruising around in the truck. Its not an incredibly exciting job but I have always enjoyed driving whether it be a truck or a car or a motorbike I just like being behind the wheel. The only downside to my day was changing a tire on our bobcat but apart from that it was all gravy baby!

Tell me about your job?


Tom said...

I show up at my office at four, I pretend to work until five, then I watch the news until 7.30. Then I run around copying about a billion pages for everyone on my floor. That takes about two hours, after which I sit around until about 9.30 until it's time to take one of the company cars out to Mile End to pick up newspapers. Seriously, it's boring.

Spud said...

That does sound a bit boring. Do you work for a newspaper? Is that four in the morning or afternoon???

Tom said...

Yeah. Mostly my job is incredibly busy in short spurts and then long hours spent reading blogs.

Four in the afternoon, of course. Four AM does not exist to me.

Spud said...

I was going to say that is way to early to function.

Suzie said...

you already know what I do......nothing

YAY! driving is fun!!!