Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Re-Size

Isn't it weird how you grow up and your body gets bigger but you still feel small. I still feel like I did when I was in year 8 and all the other kids in the years above me were bigger than me. Now a days even though I am bigger than most people I still have that little kid thought in the back of my mind. Its so weird. A lot of the blokes I work with are a bit older than me and there is always that thought of age equals size when the fact is that I am a few inches taller than all of them. I guess its a bit of a mental thing and it comes with growing up but I find it so funny.

The last weekend was really cool. Friday night at Sophie's birthday celebrations was hilarious and I saw something incredible. Nicole came and I have never seen the girl so drunk and that is saying a lot because she can really handle her alcohol. Saturday night was a let down. We went to a farewell for a friend of mine from school but she got there late and it was crap. We left after about an hour and chilled at Hoggots house. Sunday was good. We went to Groke's house for tea and hung out with him and another friend of his. The food was great but it was also awesome to catch up.

I was devastated that the girl internet was not working on the weekend because I couldn't do my Sunday post but I am making up for it now. I want everyone who comes here and reads this to let me know something about them. Please post your name and were you are from and that will be fan-bloody-tastic. Bye byes.


Coutts said...

I'll go first then. As you already know, I'm Nick, I'm 9 years old, I'm homosexual and a part-time pornographer and I'm from your face.

Spud said...

I don't believe you mr nick.

Coutts said...

Yeah it's probably fair enough if you don't believe me, considering none of it was true.

Spud said...

No it was all true. I just don't believe you wrote it, lol.