Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Contemplation

Lately I have been contemplating things and one of them is for me to start putting pictures on here of myself and the people around me. Since I have started this thing I have only ever posted the photo I have in my profile which was taken back when I was 16. Hopefully things have changed since then and I think the world is ready to see further into my world. I have never been one to take a lot of photos of myself but I think this blog could be the start. It has been about two years since I started this blog and in that time there has only ever been one photo of me on her so I will either flood the internet with Phil faces or I might just change my profile photo. Let me know your thoughts though because after all you and 50 percent of the reason why I type all these sentences.

I haven't really been taking as many photos as I normally do. It seems lately that work has dominated my life a bit and it has only been work photos. I will definitely improve on this soon though with some random pictures of random objects in chaotic motion and that should liven up everyones days. This may be a spud blog revolution. You just never know.



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Dude I've always had one theory and one theory only; the internet needs more Phil faces.