Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Flashback

The weekend was good. We didn't get carried away with fancy things like going out in the city or getting ridiculously drunk but it was good to chill. The Lost Show played Friday night at the Underground and it was an awkward flashback to my gig going days. The Underground is an all ages alcohol free venue and the guys played an awesome show. The only awkward part was the crowd. The place was full of 15 to 16 year old emo kids. It took me back to the days were my friends and I used to go to gigs every weekend. The only difference was that these kids were being absolute morons. They were running around and jumping all over the place is if they were listening to their favourite Limp Biscuit record in the own room. They just didn't fit in, it was all way to over the top and they were all making asses of themselves. I could not believe how they were acting. It was embarrassing. I remembered back a few years ago and we never did anything like that especially not in front of a crowd of people. It was an awesome gig and I am really glad that the kids got into the Lost Show boys but damn it was odd.

Today the girl and I thought it would be fun to head to IKEA and have lunch and walk around. We ate a lot and then walked around for a while looking at all the items. We saw a lot of things that we would like to have when we buy a place and made a lot of comments about the things we didn't like. It was a good afternoon though.

Now its time to go play Monopoly with the girl. Byes.

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Coutts said...

Who won Monopoly, dude?

The Underground is a weird, weird place. As a band, we're torn between wanting to play there because everyone seems to get excited about every band, and not wanting to play there because they're all freakin' knobheads.

But hey, so are we.