Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Quickness

I am in two mind frames. We are planning on pouring a concrete job tomorrow but it is raining and the forecast is for showers tomorrow. I really want to pour it tomorrow though because I am not in the mood to work Saturday this week. The next problem is that if it isn't finished this week we have to do it Monday and the only time we can get concrete is 6am. Now I don't mind early starts but that is too much. I would have to be there at 5:30!!!

I was thinking about analogies today and I came up with; wearing a condom during sex is like going to an ice cream store and only ever getting one scoop of vanilla. Now don't get me wrong I love vanilla ice cream but you cannot beat a scoop of choc chip cookie dough and a scoop of peanut butter and chocolate in a waffle cone. Condoms are also a good thing and I definitely condone them I was just making a joke, geez.



Jacob said...

I... don't get the analogy.

However, I did hear a good condom analogy: condoms are like eating a lolly with the wrapping still on.

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cat baby said...

u r the funniest thing ever. i love you friend!

condoms are like asking for chocolate and getting a brussel sprout.

Spud said...

Haha awesome analogies Jacob and Catty. Woot