Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Saturday Night

After working all week in the rain and the freezing weather, I'm sick. I felt a bit average last night but this morning I wasn't good at all. The girl and I got up and went out to watch one of her friends play soccer and I felt average but was ok but as soon as we got home from that I went down hill. I watched the footy for a bit but then fell asleep and slept for most of the afternoon. Due to all that sleep this afternoon I'm wide awake now when I want to be sleeping.

The girl headed out tonight with the girls so at least she will have a good night. Meanwhile I'm here wide awake. I hate being sick. Bye now.


alfalfa said...

sorry if i woke u last nite! i didnt realise u could have been sleeping after not being able to sleep... im a bad friend. lub u x mexican next wk sometime? i cant go much longer without it!

Elaine said...

c'mon Spud give us a sign that you will make it .