Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Friends Away

Tonight is a going away party. The worst thing about going away parties is that they are always good. The parties are good but the reason for the party is the thing that sucks.

Two friends of mine, Susi and Jess, are leaving next Thursday to head over to Europe to live and work for the next year or so. Susi and I have always been really close friends and seeing her leave is going to be so hard. Tonight we are starting with tea at Susi's and then heading into town. I'm also double booked tonight and am heading over to see the lovely Tilney at the Havi for a few drinks in early celebration for her birthday. Today also marks the end of exams for everyone who is at uni (not me!), so it should be a big night.

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tart said...

i know how u feel friendly friend :( lub u