Monday, June 18, 2007

My Week That Was

So this week was absolutely crazy. Work was a struggle because of the whether, I went to gigs galore and even managed to make it to two birthdays.

The early week was pretty quiet. I stayed at the girls hows from Tuesday on so just chilled out with her and her mum. Wednesday night the girl and I went round to Calvins house to chill out with everyone and watched some episodes of Hero's and the Mighty Boosh. Nothing too exciting but still fun. Thursday night is when the week got its ass into gear. I went to see Against Me play at Fowlers Live. It was really surprising but the gig didn't sell out and the place was only about half full. Even though the crowd was small and when the band came out to start playing they had absolutely no sound for about 5 minutes while the roadies worked frantically, it was still an incredible show. The Against Me boys have a very strong stage presence and really got the crowd going. The high light was seeing a guy get on stage from the audience and decide to jump into the mosh. The problem was that he jumped too far and just landed flat on the ground. He got up straight away and seemed fine. The best part is he managed to get on stage again later in the set and jumped when he jumped out into the crowd he missed and hit the floor again. Guess it just wasn't his night.

Friday at work dragged due to the late night before but once I was finished I was into it again. I met up with Layno and the boys and we got a quick bite so eat before heading to Fowlers Live again. This time it was to see Karnivool, a Western Australian band that I have seen once before. The gig sold out about a month ago so the crowd was packed in. The two support bands were very good but were put to shame compared to the sound that Karnivool turned out. They played some incredible songs and mixed it up a bit. They have such an incredible live sound and intensity that it almost takes your breath away, between sending shivers down your spine. I bought one of Karnivools new hoodies and I think its awesome. It has a dragon fly on the front.

After the gig Layno and I popped in to a bar called the Botanic for Soph's birthday. I met Sophie through Hoggot's sister Elyse and we are quiet good friends now. It was good to see all of that group because lately we haven't caught up as much as we used too. By the time we got there and had a drink it was getting late so I headed back to the girls house for a few hours sleep.

Saturday at work went even slower than Friday due to the big night before. The old man and I poured a garage floor and it really took it out of us. I got home just in time to shower and get ready to head up to Sam's house for his 21st. There were a lot of his family and family friends there and it was good to see all the faces. I ended up doing a speech after being told I was doing one about an hour before hand but everyone said I pulled it off pretty well. It turned out to be a very good night and a fair few drinks were had by most. I nearly danced but got out of it luckily.

Sunday, well, not much happened Sunday. The girl and I had to pick her car up from Tilney's because she drove it home from Sam's but apart from that not much else high lighted.

Today was a big day. We poured the last big pour up at the job I have been working at in Sterling. It was a relief to get it done because I'm sick of working up there. Its always cold and rainy and today was no different. We put 240 tonne of concrete into the footings and it rained the whole time. By the time we finished I was wet and cold to the core. We got it done though.

Tonight is Mexican night with my friendly friend Cat so that should be good. Bye bye byes.

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