Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Relief

Everything is always good. There are things that worry me and things that bother me but normally everything is always good. This week though things have been tense.

Just after the girl and I started going out her mother went into hospital to get a small cancer removed from her bowel. Today she went in for her one year scan. After the surgery she had endless complications with her kemo treatment and so not a lot of the treatment was successful. Today the test came up all clear. It is only one year on but it is a very good first step. I'm so happy, overjoyed and relieved, this scan has been on all our minds for months but this week has been hell. I'm just glad everything seems to be going well.

Yesterday, due to my dads injury, I only worked in the morning. I went and saw my friendly friend cat at work and then headed to the girls house to chill out. She had uni stuff to do so we headed into town so she could visit uni quickly. It was very exciting, just lots of printing and coffee, you know, the usual uni stuff. On the way home we stopped off at her local pet shop to buy some more fish for her fish tank. I had never been to the pet store with her before and to my surprise they have a Kookaburra that lives in the store. It was injured when it was young and someone brought it in to be looked after and it has stayed there ever since. It was only small but still cool to see so close. Down at my farm we have a lot of wild Kookaburra's but you never see them that close. They are quite large birds and I have seen them kill snakes and fly off with sections of it in their mouths.
Today was oh so cold. It rained and was windy and pretty awful. I was on machinery all day so it was ok but I still froze.
Bye now.


Elaine said...

Well done. And a very significant post for it was in the year 201 that roman emperor Gaius Messius Quintus Traianus Decius was born. Mmm think I need coffee .

Cat McAwesome said...

uh yeah. i know stuff too. like how to run into glass doors and things.


Hey Phil,
Just believe in...after the rain always come the rainbouw. Wish you really good time...!You will be stronger because all things happen. Keep will be oke! Sweet from Holland.