Monday, June 04, 2007

My Big 200!!!!!!!

Well this, today, is my 200th post. Quite amazing really for a blog that I started to get me out of studying for my exams a year or so ago. Its been weird lately because after going through a phase where I struggled to write once or twice a week I am back to writing most nights. Its good, I guess. Well I think people like it?

Well today was kinda average really. It started early for me because I stayed at the girls house last night. I got up and drove to the yard where all our equipment is but got a call from my dad who said to just come home because the weather was pretty bad. It was raining quite heavily so we couldn't do much till it cleared. By about 9am we were bored so decided to bear the rain and headed off. We have been building an awning to cover some of our machines and some racks to hold some of our crap. We were working away when all of a sudden I heard my dad yell out. It turns out that he fell from one of the machines and had hurt his ankle quite bad. It had swollen up like a balloon and didn't look nice. We decided to have lunch at that stage.

After a bite to eat he headed home and I dropped him off so he could ice his ankle. I had to head out to a job we did last week and clean up a few things and grout around a few pillars so I did that then did a few odd jobs at the yard and it was home time.

Isn't it weird that sometimes you find your self in deep thought about the simplest things. Sometimes when I'm driving I have a habit of having odd thoughts. Well not odd but just simple things like writing or something I'm going to do when I get home. The weird thing is how deep in thought I can get. Quiet odd really.

Anyway thats it for the big 200. Wasn't really that big. It was 200 though.

Bye now


Elaine said...

Spud, you can't rest on your laurels, you must move on from this, so go forth to thy keyboard and scribe us another post...............please

Spud said...

Haha your wish is my every command.

Wandering Heart said...

congradz :)